Bowhunter Brotherhood was born from the connection that all outdoorsmen and women experience while being a part God's creation. Whether it is hiking, or taking the ideal game with our Bows. It does not matter; we all feel the connection while in our element. The important aspect is the lessons we learn during the experiences we endure and how best we can apply them as we head back to our everyday lives.

Founder Patrick F. Alvarez simply wanted to share his love and respect for the outdoors with others. He wanted to introduce his unique taste and swagger to the outdoors he loves so dearly. Knowing that the outdoors is rugged, rough, but beautiful all at the same time, Patrick wanted to put all of these elements into apparel for those who love the outdoors like he does. Patrick set about pouring his heart and soul into devloping a brand that outdoorsmen and women nationwide can enjoy.

Thus, the Brotherhood was created.

Joining Patrick is the Pro-Staff, made up of hunters from all over the United States. Our current roster includes hunters hailing from New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee and Wyoming. Here at the home base of Bowhunter Brotherhood, you will find an amazing community for not only bowhunters but also outdoorsmen of all kinds. We sincerely hope to cater to every single hunter out there!